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Mini Wireless Bluetooth Audio Speaker

£6.99 £10.99

PERFECT FOR CHEAP DISPOSABLE PRANKING. For this item, we can allow bulk orders for discounted prices and free shipping... WhatsApp 07502068444 or email twotechproducts@outlook.com .

Introducing the A10 Wireless Bluetooth Audio speaker - your go-to device for high-quality music without any messy wires. Take your tunes outdoor with this portable speaker, designed to complement your outdoor adventures. The A10 features a powerful subwoofer that produces clear bass for an immersive sound experience. With a convenient USB power source, you can easily charge it on the go. This compact device weighs only 170g, making it easy to carry around. Equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 version and a signal range of 10m, the A10 can seamlessly connect to your phone or tablet. Get the party started with the A10 today!

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